G. SCott

I am not a PGA professional, and that’s actually a good thing! If traditional American golf instruction worked, most golfers would be playing at a scratch level or even better, and you wouldn’t be here now, looking to improve your golf game.

I started much like many of you, struggling with a massive slice and dealing with a lot of frustration. I was introduced to the golf swing back in 7th grade but didn’t truly start playing golf until after high school. By then, even though I thought I knew what to do, every shot I took ended up as a significant slice. Without being aware of it, I had completely forgotten what I had initially learned. I genuinely believed I still remembered, but the ball’s flight pattern proved otherwise. After many years of frustration, trial, and error, I managed to relearn a decent golf swing. Although some people now say, “You’re a natural,” I assure them that I most certainly am not.

Like most of you, there were days when I played well, and other days turned into frustrating disasters, and I had no clue why.

After reaching a plus index, I experienced a bout of the shanks. Suddenly, I realized that I had been playing so well for so long that I had no idea of what I was actually doing. It was a frustrating period that lasted for weeks, and the more I tried to fix it, the more I shanked. After that, I committed myself to learning everything I could about the golf swing to prevent such a setback from happening again. I eventually regained that plus index but never abandoned my quest to truly comprehend and simplify the golf swing into one basic move that anyone can execute.

I succeeded in simplifying the golf swing, making it both straightforward and effective. Most importantly, I can explain it in terms that are easily understandable.

I’m also a senior visual effects artist with 30 years of experience, and I’ve been nominated for an EMMY award in that field. In the world of VFX, we frequently need to find highly creative solutions to complex problems, and I’ve adapted that same methodology to golf.

I’ve always been a “far outside of the box” thinker, to the extent that some people consider me “unconventional” or even a bit eccentric. Who knows, maybe I’m even somewhat autistic.

I firmly believe that golf is as much a game of perception as it is a test of physical ability. Individuals with limited physical prowess but proper perception can perform much better than those with significant physical athleticism but incorrect perception.